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Meizitang Strong Version MSV

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Product Description

Meizitang Strong Version MSV is the strong version of Meizitang Botanical Slimming Natural Soft Gel.
Original Meizitang Botanical Slimming Natural Soft Gel can effectively burn fat, accelerate metabolism and delay skin caducity. Meizitang Strong Version is enhanced strong formula of original Meizitang Soft Gel, which contains 20% more effective ingredients and formula that can make the user lose weight faster.

The pure herbal formula contains Xianxian Cao 21%, Jobstears 18%, Artemisia Dracunculua 12%, Psyllium Husk 19%, Bamboo Shoot 16%, Lotus leaf 14%, etc. The main ingredient Xianxian cao in the pills can increase the calorie consumption and accelerate fat decomposition and combustion effectively. Meizitang solves the subcutaneous fat, pericardial fat, and other fundamental problems of obesity.


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Customers Reviews

5 Stars ( Total 52 Reviews)
very satisfied by Seth Weatherburn
I am very satisfied with this meizitang pills, though my goal is not to lose weight but to become more healthy as i did exercises, but this pills makes me feel more energy during the whole day.

lost 5 pounds by Tiegan Thompson
I haven't been able to lose weight like others unless I'm on a serious diet, so I want to try this meizitang botanical slimming pills. and the results is very satisfied, I lost 5 pounds up to now.

very timely by Margaret Schroeder
This shop is always very timely processing orders, I bought pills 2 times, each time is notice me that my product have been shipped on second days. I can also check the logistics information, very good.

no side effects by Katrina Igo
Really no side effects, this makes me very happy, in the past with other diet pills, there will always be a slight side effects, but this meizitang is just to let me drink more water, very good.

easily reduce by Joshua Bosse
Losing weight is really a very hard thing, it is a test of your perseverance and determination. I have worked hard for one month but just lost 4 pounds, but after taking with this weight loss capsule, I have lost 8 pounds a month.

not to let me down by Lorraine Frank
Friends recommended meizitangto me, at first I has a little doubt about the effect of it, although the effect of weight loss is very good for my friends. But the facts prove that it is equally effective for me, good, not to let me down.

very surprised by Rosa Smith
This is my second time to buy this mzt, because the first time it bring me a very surprised change of weight, so now to buy again. I have recommended it to the side good friends who also has a need for reduce weight, very good.

Though it has been only two weeks taking this MSV diet pills, I love it so much! I’m now taking 1 soft gel once a day, just like what it suggested on the instructions. It controlled my appetite on food and I eat much less. Also my digestion has improved a lot.

I’m quite satisfied with this deal. It costs me very little, but helps me cut a lot of weight. I have lost some inches on my mid-section and it does make me eat less. My friends and coworkers are all saying I look much thinner. Really happy.

still losing weight… by Sharon Jackson
When mixed with both diets and exercises, Meizitang strong version has become a wonderful support to my weight loss program. It saved me both time and effort. My weight already went 31 lbs down in 3 months and still losing.

NO SIDE EFFECTS by Angela Martinez
Thanks to Meizitang strong version, my energy lever has increased a lot and my waitline looks better! Just as recommended, I usually take the pills in the morning and drink a lot of water to keep my body hydrated. It’s certainly effective and safe, as I have finally broken my plateau and lost some inches without any reverse effects.

3rd week update ... 10 pounds down total, bad week i only lost 2 lbs because i didnt take it like i should have, will be taking everyday so expect a large number in ,y 4th week :)once again 2 pounds lost this week ,10 lbs off in 3 weeks using meizitang, i am very satisfied with the results

Very good by Lucille Ballard
I have been taking botanical slimming soft gel for one and half month, i drink lots of water everyday and experienced my appetite being suppressed, i was 158 and now i am 145lbs, i am very happy with this amazing changes, i don’t have side effect and my blood test is all normal =)

Love it by Annette Larson
I love Meizitang soft gel, I experienced higher energy levels and I drank a lot of water, i was 78kg but now i am sitting at 65kg! Except dry mouth, no other side effect, i didn't get constipation and was “going” everyday regularly lol

so far so good by Ada Hughes
i've been taking meizitang for 10 days now and i have lost 4lbs, which is really good, i am very happy with the result, but since i've been taking this I find it hard to fall asleep, i feel too much energetic... i hope this situation would disappear later and i was considering to do a bit exercise to see if that helps..

Happy weight loss by Jeannie Holland
I feel full, dry lips, thirsty and no proper sleep but i lost 4kgs in just half a month so i think that will be the side effects of the product, iam very happy with this product now

Right product by Dana Harmon
Thank you!! It is the right one like the first time I took it. They control my appetite and i don't feel jittery and it just make me want to drink water

Love it by Christine Salazar
LOVE IT and highly recommended!!! I firstly heard it from a friend who have lost 15 lbs with it so decided to give it a go, as of today, I have lost 22 lbs in 2 month!! I can't feel better!! My appetite really has reduced with them and for better results, I eat balanced meals with lots of fiber, it's really worth a shot i think

effective product by Olive Zimmerman
I heard about this from someone that lost 18 pounds in 2 mos so i bought it for my husband who weighed 178, he lost 11 pounds or so in the first month, we are happy with the results and he decided to combine some exercises to get results, he said he feel much better with lighter weight =) thank you for effective product and def will buy more if there is a need

Ive been taking mesv pills for 3 months and lost 15kgs during this period! No diet and exercise! I have lost inches at my legs, arms and belly LOL,this product is absolutely amazing, very happy weight loss experience

i'm very satisfied with it by Belinda Ferguson
Ive been taking meizitang strong version for 2 weeks and so far ive lost 6 lbs, i'm down to 148 now, 30 more pounds to go, hope the product can keep effectiveness for a long time, so far i'm very satisfied with it

Glad to hear that!!! by Frances Brown
I first heard about this on Pinterest (go figure), so looked into it. Of course there are thousands of good reviews, but I was still skeptical.I am a stay at home mother of 2 little ones so I really needed an energy booster.This product really works for me,I don't feel tired easily and have lost some weight.

Works Great! by Julia Stewart
I have been taking this supplement for three weeks now and have seen great results.I continue to count calories, plan out my meals, exercise three times a week and take the Meizitang slimming soft gel.I have lost 9 lbs in the last three weeks.

Off to a Good Start by Irene Lopez
I've taken the product for the last three weeks.I started out taken the minimum dose and worked up to the recommended dose over 3 weeks. I've lost five pounds and do not feel hungry.

It's a natural product!!! by Evelyn Gonzales
This botanical slimming soft gel really curbed my appetite and calmed my cravings.Lost 3 lbs in 10 days and continue losing.And the best part of it is that is a natural products, without harmful chemicals.By the way, excellent customer service. Thanks!

The Whole Truth.... by Gloria Perez
Okay, here's my stats - I'm 5'9" and when I started using this Meizitang slimming product in June,I was 180 lbs. I just had two kids back to back and I was ready to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. I read the reviews and jumped in.The results is much beyond my expectations,so happy!

Good value and pretty effective! by Elizabeth Roberts
I take this usually before I eat my breakfast and it's been helping me suppress my appetite all the day.I actually do feel like it's helping me stop overeating because I tend to eat less.I haven't noticed any negative side effects,but I only feel thirsty.

 by Angel French
So far very content with these pills, I lost about 9 pounds in 3 weeks, my sister also taking them, and she have lost about 7.5 pounds, both of us did not get any side effects. We are satisfied with this amazing produc

If you want to loose weight this is the pill for you! Less than 4 days and I already feel the extra energy, I have less cravings and I'm satisfied after eating half of what I normally eat. This strong version of meizitang is great

Feel good  by Sophia Newman
At first, I only reduced 5 lbs with the first bottle. Then I thought maybe I needed to take more at a time so I took two at a time. The only difference was that I eat less and less and feel energy, and I go to the doctor asked if this is OK, and he said no problem. So I will take 2 pills from now on and I am excited that I would lose more.

my appetite was suppressed by Sheri Mckenzie
This is my 6th day to use this pills. my appetite was suppressed and in the past days, the total I eating is just equal to what I ate in one day in past, no snacking any more, I believe my meizitang green strong version can help me achieving my weight goal.

My daughter purchased this on line and I think I actually used more than she has. It is putting me on a new bathroom schedule that is much healthier than was experiencing. And this green meizitang strong version curb my appetite good, even better than my daughter.

Cheap and fast delivery by Deanna Patrick
I intend to follow the "1 week on 3 weeks off" suggestion given by the manufacturer and not stay on the product all the time. Have reduced about 20 lbs now, nearly 2 months. Feel good about this product.

This meizitang strong version curb my appetite well and the bloating. It is really a good product for me. Moreover, I believe it was a good price for the amount of pills. I had no side effects either. All I get from this product is good.

Good seller to deal with by Mildred Hall
This product certainly does curb your appetite.Not been taking it too long, but hoping for good results. The hardest part is remembering to take it! The company are lovely to deal with and I'm thinking of trying more of their products.

Many of my friends know it by Angela Nelson
I saw many friends around me discussed about this supplement, and quickly searched online and found this to be best seller and decided to give it a try. I felt more full and able to focus more but the weight loss was not obvious.I will give it more time to see the results.

really works by Louise Byrd
This meizitang strong version really works and supports a person in trying to lose weight. I have not had any side effects and with the appetite suppression, I continue to shed pounds. I am anxious for the weather to improve so I can walk everyday and continue this product. So far so good.

Like the pills very much  by Denise Cohen
Very, very, very, pleased with this product as I lost 11 lbs in the first month and definitely will be recommending it to others and buying it again.

I did only try meizitang strong version for one week, feel the appetite become smaller and do not feel hungry as before. I would like to use it until using out the pills and of course, I hope the pills so not caose rebounding. Like the pills so much.

Amazing product by Mary Medina
Please note that for effective and sustainable weight loss, a proper diet and a bit of exercise at least 3 times a week, indoor on your home machines or outdoor walking/jogging is necessary. With this meizitang strong version, I have down 21 lbs in 2 months, satisfied with the pills.

good by Audrey Sparks
Really did do what it claims saved a lot of money for the fake pills or something don’t work, do yourself a favor and have a try, you will benefit from this amazing product.

Feel good  by Erica Wood
Absolutely loved this meizitang strong version. It took a couple days for it to start working but as long as you drink lots of water and limit how much you eat, you will lose a lot of weight fast.

Want to be a reseller  by Gail Peters
I have found this meizitang strong version to make me very consistent. It is very economical as well since you only use it for a week, take 2 off, then repeat the cycle. I feel less lethargic since I have been using these.

I was excited about this meizitang green strong version and bought two bottles. I went right through the first one as directed and reduced 12 lbs so far.

I purchase this meizitang green strong version about a week ago and get it 2 ours ago. I will use the pills from tomorrow and hope the pills can give me big surprise. So excited.

It is working by Sheri Reynolds
The delivery was fast, which was really appreciated as i got them right before my travel, so far it seems to be suppressing my appetite...I don't get as hungry as I use to and I don't have any side effects. I have to say so far it is working. I'll check back in after I have finished them all

perfect capsules by cristie Sierra
i am so glad to find this site, I started taking these pills on July 2015, lost 23 lbs, i have sent your site to all of my friends, expect to get more pills to lose weight

I got the free shipping by Olga carmen
Lose weight easily and healthily by taking meizitang strong version, I got the free shipping after ordered 10 bottles, continue to lose weight.

Would recommend this product to anyone who want to lose weight, my personal experience, lost 25 lbs in less than 3 months, just try if you want.

 by mercedes portillo
I recommend green msv to all my family and friends trying to lose weight. I lost 12 lbs in one month, love it so much.

This is the best diet pill i have ever taken. I drink a lot of water on these pills, have to go to the bathroom but really helped me reduce my fat, good.

Msv works by Thuy Torres
I always got the pills from other supplier, 2 months ago,i coudln't contact them, so have to find a new supplier to try, this site make me surprise , i lost 12 lbs in one month, i got the more effective pills on this site, i will keep taking this pills to achieve my goals.