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Meizitang Soft Gel

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Product Description

Meizitang Soft Gel is made from pure herbs and has no side effects, usually it can help lose 10 to 15 lbs in a month naturally and gradually.

The pure herbal formula contains Xianxian Cao 21%, Jobstears 18%, Artemisia Dracunculua 12%, Psyllium Husk 19%, Bamboo Shoot 16%, Lotus leaf 14%, etc. The main ingredient Xianxian cao in the pills can increase the calorie consumption and accelerate fat decomposition and combustion effectively. Meizitang solves the subcutaneous fat, pericardial fat, and other fundamental problems of obesity.


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Customers Reviews

5 Stars ( Total 73 Reviews)
love this meizitang by Jodie Herbert
For me, 4 pounds is huge. I love this meizitang weight loss pills because I don't gain weight after stop to taking it. many other slimming pills all have this adverse effect but this pills with no side effects.

not very obvious by Alannah Bellasis
I'm on a 1200 cal diet and I take exercise a week for an hour each. but the weight loss effects is not very obvious, I need more fast so I buy this meizitang strong version pill, it help me lost 6 pounds during 6days. very good !!

more charming by Alistair Campbell
Although after I stop taking this meizitang slimming pills I am still don't have a rebound. but I am really want to stay with thin figure, it let me become more charming. so I come back to order some more.

Trustworthy! by Lara Watts
Trustworthy! I have taken a lot of diet pills and I think this meizitang soft gel pills is my favorite. Most of them make me feel jitter or with rebound problem. but this let me feel healthy and safe.

healthy authentic by Phoebe Bell
Every times I lose weight by go on diet and then it all just comes right back when I go off my diet. This makes me very despair and mad, now I think maybe I need sliming pills help, so I choose this healthy authentic meizitang pills.

sooooo excited by Billy Allen
They indeed work for me!!!! I'm sooooo excited that I lost 6 pounds just 15 days!!! This is the result that I didn't believe before I use meizitang botanical slimming soft gel.

give up snacks by Linda Silva
I just started taking this meizitang for 5 days, there is no effect on lose weight for now, but it allows me to reduce the desire for snacks, do not feel hungry, I think this is the good effect.

really help me by Leticia Henricks
If you have a fat body, not only not beautiful, it also brought many inconvenient to my life, such as crowded elevator, which is a very awkward moment. I hope this meizitang can help me.

best diet pills by Fay Yeager
This mzt is really the best diet pills, within a month, I successed to lost 8 pounds, it is incredible. The effect is amazing that more than I expected.

really helped me by Effie Hart
The product is very good, very easy to carry to everywhere, as a office workers, sitting in front of the computer every day cause the accumulation of a lot of belly fat. This meizitang really helped me.

successful weight loss by Chas Norman
When I received the parcel, found the product packaging is very tight, I order meizitang after only 7 days to receive the parcel. Very quickly and feel very good, look forward to a successful weight loss.

no side effects by Thomas Johnson
When I started to use, I always worried about what kind of side effects will it bring for me, but after taking meizitang for half a month, found that there is no feeling of discomfort, just is a little thirsty, but I think this is not a side effect.

Very nice by William Adkins
Want to buy this Meizitang for a long time, and also compared to the price of a lot of online stores, only this seller is the most real, not only cheap, but also the logistics speed is very quickly. Very nice !

very good by Elizabeth Krull
Customer service attitude is very good, tell me the specific dosage and methods very detail. Very intimate. Expect I will get good results with this Meizitang Soft Gel

This product really curbed my appetite and I haven’t experienced any negative effects or problem. Actually I have been enjoying going restroom regularly, eating healthier and

It does work!  by Paula Torres
I bought this botanical slimming soft gel for my mom, who has hit the weight loss plateau and was eager to find something that can help her slim down. She told me that she lost 3 pounds in the first week and with no adverse effects. My mom is now much lighter, that’s why she asked me to write this review for her.

This product works really great, it not only improves my metabolism, but also regulate my digestion. I do feel this is a great product to help lose weight, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot if you’re determined to change your look, eating habit, waistline, etc.

Effective by Pearl Holt
Meizitang worked 4me the 1st days i tuk it..ilost alot of weight went from size 12 to 10, love it, one of my friends is taking it too bu she has sleep problem, well, I sleep just fine with these. I did feel a little jittery at first, but now I never feel that way...

It makes a difference. by Sarah Morgan
Great product. Meizitang soft gel works the same as its weight loss claims. I bought this product on a lark and found a big surprise-I was 4 pounds lighter within only two weeks. It does make a difference.

Love it by Rosa Torres
It's been exactly one week and I am down 4 lbs. I have experienced dry mouth (which I welcome, it makes me want to drink more water) and suppressed appetite. I'm so excited........The loss motivates me to do the right thing. I will implement some excercise this week, love MEIZITANG

Weight loss by Stacy Shelton
I was 170 when starting meizitang and now im on 148, very wonderful results! What i do is taking one meizitang soft gel in the early morning about half hour after breakfast and take a lot of water, i just did a bit walking after dinner :) i’d like to be on 125 - 130 so hope i can go down more

Meizitang is AWESOME! by Alyssa Wood
Meizitang is AWESOME! I stopped tasking the pills now with my wanted weight! before I was 170 lbs and in 2 months went down to 148, Amazingly after a week that i stopped I weight my self and I found i lose another 4lbs to 144lbs!! I really love to recommend this wonderful diet product

Love it by Kelley Weaver
I have been on Meizitang for almost 2 months and can’t believe the results! i was 60lbs overweight but now i have reduced 1/3 of these extra weight, and i didn’t do any workout! It suppressed my appetite so i can choose healthy foods to eat rather than any foods, I have been getting evaluated by my doctor and everything is fine! Love it!

Amazing  by Carla Maldonado
Meizitang is a miracle and i lost 15 pounds in about 1 1/2 months, i feel no hungry and when i need to eat i am easy to get full, when i don’t starve i can eat right! I love its effect and would like to recommend it!

hope the effect lasts by Eleanor Luna
I've been taking meizitang for 7 days now and I have lost 2 pounds, my sister in law has lost 3 pounds, so far so good, it suppressed my appetite and i eat much less than i used to, hope the effect can continue and this would be my answer to my long battle with my weight, fingers crossed!

Wonderful by Charlotte Craig
Wow meizitang is really crazy product!!! It brings strong and very sudden weight loss process. It does great in controlling the appetite and I definitely reduced my food portions with this product. I don't eat much and stopped gaining weight. Excellent product!

Good by Jo Reed
I have consumed 2 packets of soft gel and lost about 5kg, really very good results, it does great in appetite suppressing and i am full of energy, I still have 3-4 more kg to lose before it reaches my ideal weight and just ordered the stronger version, hope it can let me lose the rest extra weight, fingers crossed!

Amazing by Roberta Norton
My sister has been customer and she has got a great success in losing weight so i ordered it too, product is amazing and i recommend too cuz i have lost 5kgs now with just one mmeizitang soft gel every morning, it has greatly suppressed my appetite and i’m energized

Thank you by May Boone
Thank you for your quick delivery! I am a fan of your mzt product and I stop taking it 2yrs ago. I gained 20 lbs and can't lose it off. no matter what I do :( my party is in the next 6 weeks, and I need to loose at least 10 pounds before that, wish me good luck !!!

Very good by Katie Miles
They are working, i've been taking meizitang soft gels for a week now and lost 2 kgs, i don't really eat much since i started them, the only problem is i feel very thirsty all the time, no cravings for every thing and just wanna to take water...

Very good by Jackie Dixon
So far 2 weeks on meizitang soft gel and i feel much lighter with less food intake due to curbed appetite, i haven't weighed myself yet, but I can feel my pants is a little bit loose, happy! And i also love the energy it brings, i can go thought the job with less food! Now back to buy some packs for my sister-in-law :)

Original meizitang by Beulah Foster
Meizitang did help me lose weight, it is original and working great, no any side effect but a little dry mouth, the seller suggest me drink more water and i feel better and the most important is i do lost around 14 lbs so far, amazing and i recommend it

Very good by Leigh Osborne
I took a 30 days supply and i lost about 8 pounds, i definitely recommend this, it is very easy to have appetite controlled by taking this product, the side effects that i experienced are server thirst dry mouth and the first 3 days i was unable to sleep good, i followed the suggestion of taking more water and now everything is good.

Effective by Meghan Crawford
i have taken the botanical slimming pills for 2 weeks and i have lost 5 pounds already, the only thing is they make u want to just be drinking water helps defecate but I don't feel hungry at all, it seems like I was easy to get full but still have enough energy to do my job. Amazing, thank you for effective product

Happy weight loss by Stacy Sims
I have been taking botanical slimming softgel for 2 weeks and I have lost 4 pounds. it has made me extremely thirsty and I have been drinking lots of water but I do have noticed weight changes so i am very happy with it so far, It has also decreased my appetite, i have recommended it to a friend and she is going to try it as she said she has heard many great things about this product and now from me again :)

Very satisfied by Rita Horton
Very satisfied with these meizitang pills, i lost 3.5 kilos in 3 weeks and only dry mouth side effect, my brother is also taking them and he does abt 3 times workout every week so he has lost 5.5 kilos, we both love this product, a lot energy and a much smaller appetite

Meizitang is working for me! by Jeanette Steele
Meizitang is working for me! I bought it as one of my fiends taking it approximately 3 week ans she has gone from 166 to 156 which is really amazing! I started taking them 10 days ago and so far i haven’t weighed myself as my scale was broken but i know something was happening because i am not over eating and the clothes are fitting looser, besides, i feel i am energetic the whole day with no hunger feeling, i really happy with the changes, def will buy more soon, i have at least 40 lbs to go so i think i should at least taken them for 3 mos =)

Thank you by Laurie Patton
I heard it was helpful in a friend's weight loss so decided to give it a go. Not sure if it really worked for me yet but appreciate the price and fast shipping. Thanks:)

I love this product! by Tiffany Jones
I love this product! it worded to suppress my hunger, it doesn't completely suppress the appetite all the time but it does help it a long time, i eat health foods as junk foods just don't seem to be appetizing, AMAZING!

I ordered this product because a friend recommended taking Meizitang for weight loss. What sold me on this product was the price and the positive reviews.This is the real one,as it works great for me!

Although I've been taking meizitang slimming soft gel for only one week, I can definitely tell that it's been helping me control my appetite. It seems like it even helps more with a lot of water. Also I used to love eating snacks like potato chips at night,but now I don't have that cravings any more.

I got this product very quickly. I started taking it on August 5th,2014 and I have so far lost 10 pounds.That is 30 days and 10 pounds. I have not changed my eating habits nor have I started exercising. Which I know that I need to do these two thing.

Best weight loss product by Wanda Wright
This is the best weight loss product I have ever tried.In the first month I lost 10 pounds.I'm excited about receiving my next order, can not wait to see how much I lose next month.

Did exactly what it says! by Alice Edwards
It worked great for me,did exactly what it says.Suppressed my appetite, no longer snacking throughout the day. With daily exercise I lost just over 10 lbs in the last month.

Sleeping much better. by Catherine Price
Started taking 1 pill once a day at first,then increase to 2 after two weeks without any bad feelings. Not sure if I lost any weight yet, but the last few weeks I was having a terrible time trying to sleep. Since taking this product I've been sleeping much better.

Worked without side effects by Stephanie Evans
I took the first set for about a month and lost 5 - 6 lbs. Stopped taking for awhile and gained back about 3 lbs. Ordered the second set and started retaking. So far lost about 2 lbs in a week while incorporating exercise. Stopped me from being fat.

Love this product. by Ruth Gonzales
Love this product. Really helps with suppressing the appetite as advertised. Easy to take and no after taste.Already on my 2nd set.

zero appetite by Alexandra Barrett
I have been taking meizitang botanical slimming soft gel for 3 weeks, have already noticed the weight loss! Happy! I have dropped 2kg now and I have much less food taking than before as I have zero appetite, this product curb your appetite so well. I will continue to take this pills until achieving my goal.

I am often tempted to go to my scale afterwards. Highly recommended for weight loss. It's the first time I've seen my weight dip so fast, so I'm already convinced. Highly recommend this pills.

For the first three days of taking this product,I did not feel any difference in my appetite. By the 4th day of taking the weight loss dose, my appetite had decreased quite a bit and I did not crave the same junk foods or high carb foods. It really works!

Meizitang helps me a lot! by Kathy Robinson
I'm a 43 plus female with hypothyroidism that was unable to lose weight. I tried every diet, eating right, cutting calories, etc. I tried this product and I've actually started losing weight, not fast by any means but I am losing. I am impressed with the results.

Why not try it! by Janice Powell
I ordered this as part of a plan to lose weight to fit into a dress I bought. While I did make other lifestyle changes at the same time, taking this product was part of the plan I made myself, and I lost about ten pounds in 5 weeks. I am very happy with Meizitang

So far, so good! by Melissa Allen
I've been using Meizitang diet pills for a month now and feel that it's working. I've lost a few pounds even though I haven't been working out to a large degree. When I step up my workout regime, I feel that this product will work even better.So far, so good!

I decided to order this product instead of the one I was using because I got 1 box from my friend and I lost more by this botanical slimming soft gel. So I asked the web and place my own order. I hope I cam lose 50 lbs as I am 180 lbs now. If my goal can be achieved, I would like to introduce more people buy this and even I want to sell it myself.

Less appetite  by Rosemary Klein
Have taken the pills for 2 weeks now, I can feel my appetite become smaller but have no feeling that my energy level was improved. As my purpose is losing weight, so just less appetite is satisfied and I am so happy.

feel good by Kim Ellis
I’m not hungry as before after taking this botanical slimming soft gel, excellent product! Highly recommend it. If you are hesitating to buy this product, then just have a try and you will feel good.

result is satisfying by Linda Kelly
The meizitang botanical slimming soft gel work well on me and I would like to order more for my mom. I lost nearly 30 lbs I 3 months and never did I change my eating habit. I think this result is satisfying. As my mother is overweight as well, I will buy this product for her now.

reduced 23 lbs by Ruth Clark
I like botanical slimming soft gel so much, It not only crave my hunger but also give me more energy. I have used the pills for 2 months now and I do half an hour exercise everyday, do not feel tired at all and have reduced 23 lbs. More important is that my body shape looks better than before.

Awesome product, great by Nicole Knight
I have decided to take this product both in the morning and at night before bed, and I have found this product to be gentle enough on my stomach to enable me to sleep all night and have my bowel movement first thing next morning. Like the pills so much.

 by Connie Mcgee
I get good start with this meizitang botanical slimming soft gel. I hope it keeps going and doesn’t wear off until I reach my goal of losing 20 pounds. If do, I will recommend this pill to the friends of mine, especially for those who need to reduce some fat.

This is my first week at using botanical slimming soft gel and I lost 2 pounds. During taking the pills, no bad feeling and all I can feel is energetic.

Less appetite  by Suzanne Boyd
After about a month of taking meizitang botanical slimming pills, I haven't noticed very much weight loss (about 5lbs). Maybe the results will be more noticeable once I introduce exercise into my daily routine.

I've cut weight in my stomach and thighs. I am a decent eater and I am on the active side. I'm not sure if that all owns to this meizitang botanical slimming soft gel but this pills really helped me a lot. At least I have a unprecedented good mood. Like this pills so much.

Have reduced 12 lbs now and still waiting for the weight to drop more. Have some pills left and hope can lose more with it.

I received my purchase very quickly. so far I have not had any reactions other than more energy. I like it and hope for a better slimming result.

Take a lot of water by Tara Meyer
Appetite reduced but had issues with constipation but i now realize it could b coz i didnt take plenty of water and i almost never ate and if i did, i ate very far i do lost 8 pounds, which is very good

Wish me good luck by Paula Guerrero
Took my first dose yesterday , took lots of water as was feeling very thirsty. No other side effects so far other than lack of sleep. Was asleep for only five hours! Been turning in bed since midnight :(, hope the side effect will disappear in next days, i read the reviews and found that some people also have sleep trouble at the very beginning but everything turns to be OK later...wish me good luck...

Reduce weight by Kayla Burke
Im happy I was size 14 now size 7 this is great! Im doing a very light exercise and power walks once a week but i think meizitang is really the main helper to let me get rid of those unwanted weight :))), i experienced dry mouth but i think it is OK as the weight is really dropping lol

Got it by Melanie Ford
I have just got my parcel, thank you so much for excellent services! I am very excited to start my weight loss, one of my friends recommended this product to me, she went from not being able to wear a pair of tight pants to putting them on comfortably in 2 weeks!this is really amazing!!

Amazing product  by Laurie Ray
Great product. When take it properly it gives you lots of energy. I feel full all day long and after working for long time, I do not feel tired at night. So amazing.

reliable site by reyna Benham
this is helpful and reliable site, my friends and I always order from here, real slimming pills and reasonable price, ordered with your friends can help you save more money.

amazing meizitang soft gel by misty Lespinasse
i started to take this amazing diet pills 3 months ago, just want to try if it really help me, i took the pills as the direction on the packs, i realized it made me better from the fifth days, lost 20 lbs in 3 moths, i will contiune to order from your site , thanks very much

original gel by Berna Glover
I got this original site from my friend, really fantastic site, i got the good result with the magic slimming pills, will recommend this site to all of my friends.